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ADP runs an orphanage in Kinshasa, DR Congo. After a long period of war, political and social instability, the weakest and defenseless in the community have become bearers of this heavy burden. Children are left along roadside, markets, landfills, drain pipes and toilets. Children and other vulnerable groups have to pay the price and they fall outside any focus area because they do not have a voice – even if they shout with all they got, seemingly in vain. But we are here, we hear them shout and we lend a hand to our fellow human beings! That is called Amour du Prochain, in English “love for thy neighbor”. By contributing, you become involved in our work where we work with other voluntary organizations for localization, care and upbringing of the children in DR Congo.

We need your help! From the first to the last kroner, everyone has the same destination: love for thy neighbor!

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