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About us

Amour du Prochain (ADP), is the French expression for “The love of your neighbor” in English. The organization’s goal is to support and provide a home for orphaned children in Africa, as well to give them an education and help them to integrate into their respective communities.

ADP runs an orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo DR. After a prolonged period of war, political and social instability in the country, the weakest and defenseless in society have become the biggest bearers of this heavy burden. Children, widows and disabled pay the highest price and fall outside any focus area, as they have a weak voice – even if they cry out, seemingly in vain.

High unemployment (50%) and poverty have the capacity to inhibit people’s human qualities, emotions, and force one to make extreme selfish choices. In this evil spiral of events and actions, the weakest in society have become victims of these choices driven by a moral and emotional survival instinct. Because of this, in recent decades a trend has developed in the country that affects and exposes children to great danger, even to death. In this trend, either new-parents or mothers leave their infants along roadsides, markets, and even in landfills, sewers and toilets. The child will shout, scream, cry until it is found, or until it cannot scream anymore. Many by-passers continue in the sight of an abandoned child in fear of being given responsibility as parent by the public. Some parents leave their children outside churches, in maternity wards or other visible places in hope that the infant will be seen and picked up. Abortion is financially expensive and implies high risk of death in a country that already has one of the world’s highest mortality at birth for both mothers and children.

It is precisely these children ADP has in its focus area, children who are often left between age 1 day to 4 weeks and eventually end up with us between the ages of 0-10 years. Through our homes, which is operated in partnership with sociologists, Christians and nurses, we are actively working with the municipality and other non-governmental organizations for the location, reception, care and education of the children.

The theme in our home is love!  As their first encounter with the world has been cruel, we want to correct the children’s impression of life, people, adults and the world. Various children have very significant signs of trauma and mental disorders that require a lot of care, attention and treatment.

In ADP, children will receive a safe upbringing in a sheltered home, they will be able to go to school, have medical follow-ups and a family. Our hopes and goals are to help them into an independent adult life with good values ​​and attitudes into a society that they can help shape – with love!

Your support, contributions and help are most welcome in this great work! It is possible to make a change!

«We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop

Quote Mother Teresa